5 Reasons We Love Pearls More than Diamonds

At HinsonGayle, we take great pride in our pearls and their phenomenal quality, so it should come as no surprise that we believe pearls are an excellent investment! Here are our top 5 reasons to choose pearls over diamonds:

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1. Cost. 

A high-quality pearl is often cheaper than a high-quality diamond of the same shape and size. This allows buyers to get more gem for their dollar, making everyone happy!

2. Uniqueness.

No two pearls are exactly alike, making them incredibly unique. Diamonds, however, can be identically faceted, taking away from the uniqueness of your jewelry.

3. Colors. 

Pearls come in many more shades and colors than diamonds. And with their lower cost, you can truly afford a set of pearls for each of your favorite outfits!

4. Process.

Pearls come out of oysters, ready to use in jewelry as they’ve been polished by the sea! Diamonds must be dug out of rocks, cut, cleaned, and polished before they are ready to use.

5. Timelessness. 

Pearls are timeless gems that families love to pass down from generation to generation. Think of all the daughters who have worn family pearls on their wedding days, all the babies who have worn a pearl bracelet for their baptism, and all the other pearl heirlooms passed down for family to enjoy!

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